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1. Micropayments is a new thing that mobile game developers are using to increase revenue from apps.????小額收費是手機游戲開發商正在使用的一種收益方式。

2. Top Web portal Sina. com offers apps that provide news updates and lets users update their blogs.????中國頂級門戶網站新浪網提供能發布最新消息、并讓用戶更新自己博客的應用軟件。

3. Most of the apps that I write include a subroutine that does various things to the controls, to enhance their appearance or behavior.????大多數應用程序,我寫包含一個子例程,并不各種事情的控制,加強其外觀或行為。


4. You can already post reviews of games and other apps in the Ovi Store.????您已經可以張貼在游戲和其他應用程序商店Ovi全審查。

5. Meanwhile, people without fully-fledged apps are also welcome to put their ideas forward for consideration.????同時,那些無法設計完整軟體的民眾也可以提供他們的點子以供參考。

6. Now, i got a question: ive already installed some apps, use the wifi, use openssh, sync info, etc. BUT I cant set a passcode, the ipod wont use the passcode and if i try to reset it it tells me its wrong.????現在,我有一個問題:我已經安裝的一些應用軟件,使用無線上網,使用openssh (成功連接通過SFTP ),同步信息,等等,但我不能設置密碼,但是iPod將不使用密碼如果我嘗試重置它告訴我,這是錯誤的。

7. Office Live is available only for US, UK, France, Japan and Germany users, while Google Apps is available throughout the world (I could not register with Office Live because of this).????Office Live是只適用于美國,英國,法國,日本和德國的用戶,谷歌應用服務可在世界各地(我不能注冊的Office Live因為這個)。

8. We all drop and use Rich Text Boxes control in our VB apps.????我們都在下降,我們的VB中使用的應用程序格式文本框控件。


9. There are also some software apps that backup, restore and automatically update your drivers.????此外,也有一些軟件應用,備份,還原,并自動更新你的驅動程序。

10. Which I assume is all of you, this is an automatically re-sizing virtual apps 2 SD ext3 partition.????,這是一個自動重新漿紗虛擬企業應用套件2的SD ext3分區。

11. There are many other apps available only for jailbreakers. These are apps that Apple has either declined from Appstore for one reason (usually they break one of their ridiculous rules) or the developer doesn''t own a MAC or doesn''t feel like paying $100 to distribute their app. For a list of what''s avaiable in Cydia, load Cydia. You can check out what is in my repositoryhere. Many of these apps offer functionality that is just not available in Appstore. For example??????還有很多軟件只能越獄后才能用這些軟件或者是蘋果商店因為某種理由而拒絕的(通常是因為違反了蘋果的清規戒律)或者開發者沒有MAC系統,也可能是作者不喜歡要付100美刀才能發布他們的作品如果想知道Cydia提供了哪些軟件,啟動Cydia可以看看我的收藏這些軟件通常提供蘋果商店里無法提供的功能舉例

12. Many developers jostle to release their apps around weekends, when consumers are most active on the store.??????很多開發商都爭相在周末發布軟件,因為消費者周末在App Store上最為活躍。

13. But that's not a great evaluation since plenty of FOSS apps run on Windows.??????不過,這種估量名不副實,因為大量的自由與開源軟件應用程序運行在 Windows 上。

14. I''ve been testing the Litl and I have mixed feelings about it. Some of the bold concepts behind the machine are refreshing, including the cloud-computing idea and the very simple interface and operating system, which demand much less work and attention from the user than a traditional PC does. The company also is promising many improvements, delivered via frequent over-the-air updates, including iPhone-type apps developed by third parties. It even offers a two-year money-back guarantee.??????我測試了Litl筆記本電腦,有喜歡的地方,也有不喜歡的地方這款機器的一些理念非常大膽,令人耳目一新,比如云計算,以及非常簡潔的界面和操作系統,使得它比傳統個人電腦更讓用戶省心省力Litl公司承諾會增加許多新功能,定期通過網絡進行更新,提供iPhone應用等第三方應用程序公司還承諾為期兩年的不滿意退款保證


15. Especially when it comes to Flex/Flash Builder since the stand alone doesn't have ANT built in and upgrading will take away valuable time from the other apps you need to setup.??????尤其是Flex/Flash Builder基本的版本中并沒有ANT這個插件,所以升級安裝其他的應用會花費你一些寶貴的時間。

16. Blist allows you to create lists on steroids — any list software with 16 columns must be taking drugs, since most apps I`ve used only give you one column plus a checkbox — and share them with the people who need to see them.??????Blist 能使您在steroid上創制一些清單——任何有16欄的微軟列表一定中了病毒,因為大多數我使用過的應用僅給您一列和一個檢查盒——與那些需要看它們的人們分享。

17. That means if you are running GTK apps, then they will use the default grayish theme.??????這意味著,如果你在運行一個GTK程序,這些程序將使用淺灰色的主題。

18. However, there are thousands of apps available in Apple App Store.??????但是,也有數以千計的應用程序可以在蘋果應用程序商店。


19. You can also install some unsigned apps if you follow it.??????您也可以安裝一些未簽名的應用程序如果您遵循它。

20. So, this week, I thought I'd present minireviews of some of the apps I find myself using most often, in no particular order.??????因此,本周我想我會對自己最常用的一些應用軟件進行簡短的點評,并無特定的順序。